What is the advantage of using an employment service over finding a job myself?
When you apply with us, you apply one time, have a short interview, and then have access to all our job openings.  We do the search for you, giving you more exposure to job opportunities.  If you are trying to move into our local service areas, our knowledge of client companies is a source of feedback and information.


Do I receive benefits while working for Employment Connections, Inc.?
We have various benefits, some dependent upon how long you work for Employment Connections, Inc.  These include weekly pay, holiday pay, direct deposit, and others. If we place you in a Direct Placement, you receive the benefit package of the company you work for.


Can you find a job for someone outside the Spencer or Spirit Lake, Iowa region?
Generally we focus on a 60 mile radius of our local offices.  This includes northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota.


I have submitted my resume but have not heard anything from Employment Connections, Inc.  Why not?
It is our intent to respond to all job applicants within two business days.  If you have submitted a resume, the next step is to fill out an application.  It is important to note we cannot assist you in finding employment without filling out an application.  If you are submitting an application and do not live in our local area, please contact us for a telephone appointment to begin the process.  


Is there a cost to use Employment Connections, Inc.?
There are NO COSTS to the job applicant for using our services.